Bearlot Groupbuy


Remaining time:

Bearlot (Nick name: Bearon) is our fantasy character inspired by Fly Bolar Bear anime, which was our most childhood's favorite one.

This time, there are up to 10 colorways available, 2 Originals, 5 keyset colorways and 3 special colorways.

Bonus info: Attached with the GB is our special gift - gamer set. This bonus is our gift for the website grand opening. To get this gift, please read following rules:

  • If you buy 2 Bearlot caps, you will get 1 Cherry profile gamer keycap - ESC row
  • If you buy 6 Bearlot caps, you will get set of  4 Cherry profile keycaps - WASD set or QWER set
  • Please help us to choose your own bonus option accordingly (in GB option). We will base on the volume of cap you order to confirm whether your bonus option is valid or not.

Colorway of gamer set is random

Only Cherry profile available

Groupbuy Information:

  • Opening time: 20/3/2018
  • Closing time: 27/03/2018
  • Expected delivery date: 45 days since Groupbuy closing date


  • MX Compatible only.
  • Material: resin, 100% casting.

Once again, say Hi to Bearlot and welcome it to Artkey family!