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Oct 03

Recently, we found out that many people have questions regarding cleaning their beloved artisan, but found no place to have a guide about it. So, we’d love to make one article to help you to have an overview about cleaning artisan keycap.

Firstly, we have to classify artisan keycap into: Casting artisan keycap, painting artisan keycap, and Blank keycap keycap. This guide will indicate how to clean casting artisan keycap.

For casting keycaps, cleaning may be a bit easier to the others. There are several issues that you may confront with: faded colors, dirtiness, scratches,…  Whether what kind of issue is, please use dish cleaning liquid or toothpaste with a soft toothbrush to wash it first. In some cases, you can also using Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to wash the surface if cleaning liquid doesn’t work, but please don’t dip the keycap into IPA liquid too long ( 0.5 – 1 mins are good enough) as it may ruin your whole keycap.

Sometimes, using cleaning liquid tip won’t work. Let us explain a bit more about the root cause – The cover layer. If cleaning liquid doesn’t work, it means that you’re having a problem with cover layer. Let’s take a look back at issues we named above. There is nothing much to explain about scratches, dirtiness. For faded colors, root cause is UV lights, since not all resins have UV resistant features. Baring the UV directly will make the resin yellowing from time to time, which will change the whole caps colors.

We only have one solution to do if we want to make it shiny and glossy again, using sanding paper to remove the cover layer. You have to be very dexterity while doing this step. Of course, this also depends on your artisan kind of surfaces. If it’s smooth, then congratulation, you can fix it. Otherwise, we have to accept the fact that we cannot do much if you don’t want to change your artisans’ outlook. You can start with 2000 grit sand paper first, then moving up to 3000, following up is a finish step with matt cover (or polishing material depending on your artisan surface).

Hopefully this guide would provide some useful information which helps you to clean up your favourite artisans