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Our Craftsmanship Story

Craftsmanship Story

Founded by a team of 3 architects with a passion for art and a love of Mechanical Keyboards. Art Key is not a just a brand, but rather an outlet for us to combine our efforts and passion into one, a place where our fans can find quality products, and a community where keyboard hobbyist/enthusiast can come together and share the love.

Our handmade products are delivered to our fans are made with love, passion, and massive amounts of care. These criteria are united with our motto: “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles – Steve Jobs”.


Thinking Outside the box “is Artkey magnetic needle. At Artkey, every sculpt we created is a product of our imagination, creativity & massive attention to detail. To us, it is not about selling keycaps, it is about sharing our passion to the community.


We used to claim ourself as a quality seeker, and was proud of that until we struggled with Bearlot quality control. At that time, we realized how bad our quality control process was. It was a drama, a lifetime lesson.

From that moment, we acknowledged the important of a perfect QC process, and how to maintain our motto. Every single product has to go through a strict QC process, from sanding the bottom part to make a great butt to polishing upper part to create perfect surface. We pay attention to every detail and double QC at each step of the production

A protection while transportation is what we also focus on. Artkey unique ID cards & artisan keycaps will be carefully packaged & covered by safety transportation foam inside 2 different pack bags to make sure that products will be arriving their destination safe and sound.