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Common Questions

We are a group of 4 artists with a passion for art and a love of Mechanical Keyboards


Artisan keycap or “keycap”

A keycap is a small plastic cover placed over the key switch of mechanical keyboards. Our products are keycaps having unique shapes that make your keyboard looks more “Unique”.

Other products

We have several plans in motion for products other than keycaps. Stay tuned for more information!

Artkey now accepts commission on specific sculpts. Visit Commission for more details.

Definitely a big “NO!”. Our products are all 100% resin casted which is the best way to ensure our products’ colors don’t fade away. We work hard to improve every day and perfect our coloring process to look as good as painted products (or maybe even better haha).

To ensure product’s quality, our products are limited & we only sell them in 4 ways: Raffle, Fulfillment (Groupbuy), In-stock (FCFS), Auction (super-duper special products). On top of this, we also accept a limited number of commissions, please refer to the “commission” page for more details.

We don’t have a fixed schedule since it takes a lot of time and effort to cast and get the colors just right. But, the raffle would usually take place on Wednesday and Saturday. The raffle will start at 9:00 AM ICT/GMT+7 and the form lasts 8 hours.

Our team is based in Vietnam and all our products are made and shipped from here. But don't worry, because we offer worldwide shipping.

P/s: Our site uses English only, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!


Unfortunately, we don’t have any physical store yet. We are more than happy with our small studio – did we mention there is a coffee shop nearby?!

Participating in a product's raffle is the same as ordering that product. However, because the number of products sold is often limited, Artkey will randomly select those who can purchase the product. When you win the raffle, you will only have to pay for the product you chose. Besides that, there is NO cost to enter the raffle.

Negative! To be fair, each person can only participate in a sculpt's raffle pool once. So, whether you select one or three options for the same sculpt, your chances of winning remain the same.

If any problem comes up, please go to the CONTACT US section in the SUPPORT menu to send us a message.

You can also send us a direct message via our social pages: Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or send us a mail at [email protected]. We will do our best to reply to your message as soon as possible.