Artkey is open to all partnership opportunities. Please share with us your project by filling the collaboration form. Artkey will respond within 3 business days after the request is received.

If you are a keyset designer, kindly follow the guidelines at the end of the page. 

For further consideration, Artkey will require the following information

Project Name:

What is the name of this project?

Reference Link:

This link will provide further information about this project, including: general information, community reaction and other collaborators of the project.

Color Codes:

These are the color codes of your project/product. The items in the collaborations will be designed based on these color codes.

Expected Launching Date:

The date on which the project is live and its duration.


Kindly provide further information on this project, including the meaning, inspiration and its creation.

This collaboration will be reviewed by the Artkey Team on these bases. Artkey Team will respond by email whether this collaboration offer is approved or rejected.


The Artkey Team is happy to work with all keyset designers!

A collaboration with the Artkey Team will be conducted as follows:

1. Submission

Please send all required information regarding your collaboration to either our email address at [email protected] or Artkey Collaboration. The collaboration offer must include:

  • Keyset Name
  • Interest Check Link
  • Pantone Codes
  • Group Buy Date
  • Keyset Descriptions

2. Review

Upon submission, Artkey Team will begin the review session of the collaboration offer on the basis of the information provided. Other criteria includes:

  • Collaborations deemed detrimental to the Artkey Brand
  • Colorway similarity
  • Current collaboration queue

An email will be sent after the review session is complete.

3. Design

Once the collaboration is approved, Artkey Team will produce a sketch of the final products based on the theme of the collaboration.

The Artkey Team will share the final photos of the product with the designers prior to announcement/sale. These photos are to be kept confidential and not to be distributed to any parties other than the Artkey Team and the designers.

4. Raffle

Ideally, the raffles in collaboration with the keyset will be online during the Group Buy of the keyset. However, under certain circumstances, this date may be held before or after the Group Buy. In either situation, the designers will be notified of the raffle date prior to announcement/sale.

Collaboration designers are allotted one raffle win during their keyset colorway raffles. To claim the raffle win, the designer must join the raffle and choose the sculpt that they would like to win.