How to get collaboration with Artkey?

First of all, you will need to collect all the necessary information, such as IC link, GB date, and Pantone codes. Then, fill them out in that little box below. Once we receive the request, we will send it to all of our members for discussion.

You might ask, which aspects that we will consider?

The keyset design

We know that there are plenty of keysets out there in the market. Some share a similar design and colors. Therefore, something new and unique will definitely catch our attention.

The GB date

We need to ensure that our collab raffle timelines fit perfectly with the keyset runner GB date. Therefore, we will comply with FCFS.

Only One Each Month

We accept only one collaboration each month, so please don't be upset if you got rejected.

How does the collaboration work?

Once the collaboration is accepted, we will develop the design based on your keyset design/ Pantone that you provide. Therefore, no sketch needed, we will surely do our best for our collaboration. Then, when there is any new piece of information, such as prototypes and raffle dates, we will directly update you.

Thank you! Looking forward to an interesting collaboration project!