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Parent Meeting: Capupu & Sirius

Today, we will get to ask Sirius's almighty creator - the one and only Capupu - a few questions about his proudest work.

Artkey Workshop Tour

Hello everyone! It's me! Your one and only Voidwalker! I will be your guide during this Artkey Workshop Tour! LET'S GO!!!
Double The Sweetness
Welcome to NAZA Intergalactic Food Tour! And our stop for today is Planet Mochi! With me right now is our special guest! Please welcome... Huh?! Where is that lollipop?
Artkey Universe On Giving & Sharing
Being of the more fortunate people, we feel that it is our duty to lend a helping hand. Let's go over what we Artkey as a community was able to accomplish.
How To Authenticate Artkey Keycaps
While we do all that we can to help people verify the authenticity of a keycap and act to prevent fakes from being sold, there are also ways that YOU can protect yourself from receiving a fake Artkey keycap! Here's how to do it.
L-Savior Ticket
Daniel was having a brief reconciliation with his conscience then decided to introduce L-Savior Ticket and bring back One-Off keycaps! Here is what you need to know about L-Savior tickets:
Introducing Artkey Exquisite Keycap
The keycaps have evolved after palpating strange matter! they are now EXQUISITE keycaps
Artkey Payment Notice
As you may have known, we are currently having a few technical difficulties with PayPal. As such, invoices from the future raffles will be sent directly to your email address, NOT PayPal mobile app.
Artkey's Milestones
It has been three years now since our first keycap was made and welcomed to the big artisan world. It has been sweat and tears along the way. It reached the point that when we looked back, we had to say, "Damn! We have come so far." Let's bring a little memory back by looking at what we have made, published, and will make in the far future.
Sirius Fulfillment - Progress update
Earlier, due to faulty material, many of our products have had their stems cracked and broken, causing no small inconvenience to our friends and supporters. But no more should history repeat itself. Those brittle stems have made their way to our Sirius Fulfilment, causing over 500 units to be destroyed and remade. The newly issued Sirius Fulfilment should be free of these flaws and can be used confidently.
RING RING!! EY YO EXMOR! DAD?? Damn son. You have never called your old man. Hmmm… Sorry dad. I’m way too busy up here. Are you still doing fine down there? No worries son! Your old man never felt better. I just left NAZA's secret headquarters and there are so many exciting things happening around here. Wait... What? They'd never invite an old archeologist to their headquarters, to their secret headquarter even less so! Are you kidding me? Ey yo! Don’t laugh at me, son. I know you left me because of this boring job but it’s my time to shine now. HOHOHOHO. Alright dad. Let’s see whatchu got… *Eating Ramen*
If you’ve ever taken a look at our “About us” section, you may know that we’re going to make more stuff other than just keycaps. You may wonder why we have to waste time making those that are not what we are good at. To be very honest, that’s not about the money, that’s about the ambition of humans and the craving to create more masterpieces of artists. We’re very thankful for giving our keycaps a chance to sit on your beloved keebs, but now, it’s time for us to conquer your whole table (Closet too, lol).
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