where 4 Gods prevail, is the place full of mysteries,
home of all the special creatures survives/exist from the beginning.



When their lives are all drained out, their bodies will 

their souls will be separated into pieces and disperse around the continent.
Stuck in the mess of balancing the world and take care of those “mischievous” monsters, a favor was needed.



Written in an ancient scroll. As a symbol of bad omen, humankind doesn’t respect them much. Gods acknowledge its potential can help this continent back to its stability so they decided to summon raven to the Origin Island and grant them a bless and a mission:

The Ravens got many powers from gods,

to travel around the continent to collect pieces of their bodies and souls,

make them fulfill its mission without mental disorder, especially 

for reaching targets easier.


Didn’t have to wait for Gods’ instructions, Ravens spread their wings on their own instinct.
They form the black dust into

and cast the soul into it to nourish for resurrection.



 Leaves still grow with vigor and spread out the energy to all of the other species surrounded, even when it’s not connected to the root - a perfect way



The Raven did an outstanding job with their duty made the Gods surprise, ease the burden on their shoulders.
Since then, a brand new myth about Feather Grim Reaper was created and brought a conception that never existed before, about hell to every creature.
The fallen ones have been reborn. Inside the egg shells, they had a new life where the Black feathers led them to.

Memories of failure in the past were removed to let them have a total renewal


With the “born” stands for 2 meanings:






May 18, 2022
Hoomans tend to associate the furry creatures as "cute". I, Sphynix, dare to challenge such erroneous notion
Artkey in 2022
Mar 3, 2022
Brace yourselves since we are taking you on a journey into the Next-Gen Artisan Keycaps. The heirs of the elements that have brought Artkey all the love from the communities.
LeuLeu :P
Jan 11, 2022
Please welcome Leuleu! The pioneer in bio-friendly space travels, starting with an entirely organic visor! Tee hee!