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How our Raffle system work

Howdy, buddies! Some questions like these may flash in your mind sometimes: “How Artkey randomly pick winners for 4-monsters raffle?”; “How they send invoices to winners”; “How they handling shipping?” … And maybe some interesting thought: “How do they know I use clone?”; “They definitely biased Mr.X/Mrs.Y”; “Why am I not win? Am I banned?”... This is the first time we disclose the system we have built so far. A long journey already. **sniff sniff*


This big “puzzle” is going to be revealed now. Let’s throwback to the beginning, when we first do Bull raffles. It’s very simple:

  • Tag all entries from 1 to N according to entry time
  • do his job and magically we got lucky numbers
  • Manually sent out invoices one-by-one. (Yup, ONE-BY-ONE)
  • Had a cup of coffee and *heavy breathing* wiped my sweat.

All I need to do now is finding our biggest enemies, “cheaters”, and put them in our black-list. Then “random pick”, create invoices and send them out. So whether you think I’m biased or not, it’s not a big deal since I have a whole system to blame for, the mighty RNGod system.


After payment is made, Our system will create an order (you can see it in your “Orders” dashboard)

We designed a button on each order to print label in accordance with DHL & VietnamPost requirements. But simple things don’t happen to Daniel, many people trade stuff right after event ends (Sometimes, I think my mind doesn’t belong to me anymore)

And for the saddest part, both DHL & Vietnam post don’t offer a menu to upload shipping address in batch. So that means we have to create one-by-one again o_o  (Luckily, we don’t need to write ppl’s shipping address anymore LOL; we type it instead, and still one-by-one … )