Millions of million years ago, when this planet was formed, 4 origin elements appeared from the void and started to create/balance life.
Years passed, they finally finished their duties but life changed rapidly, they couldn’t adapt it.
They need to transform into an appropriate creature to control everything easily.


With the aim of representing the largeness and embracing the continents of Sea, Water Element chose to become whale - the most imposing sea creature- expressed the maestro of the origin Gods. However, it formed in a tremendous shape and the halo as a Saint, it was no surprise that other creatures felt intimidated by its appearance. 

The Water Element was always alone. Days by days, the halo faded away and finally vanished because of the deviousness around.
Our WE started falling into sleep to forget his sorrow.


Time flew, the land where he had been sleeping became the inviolable domain for its imposingness. But it was the safe land for weak and small creatures.
One day, the other giants noticed that
the God might never wake again, they planned to attack “the food storage”. The ones ranked last in the food chain had to escape to the head of WE, searching for their safety. 

The God suddenly awoke. Having been stuck in the dilemma of WE’s danger and those frightened objects, but they had no choice, they must ask for his help. WE did not refuse but more than that, he was pleased to help and protect those weak creatures.
It was the first time ever, WE felt he was not alone.

With the Coral Reef community on his head, WE traveled around the seven seas and protected weak creatures and “recruit” them.
One time, when Japan was on the edge of disaster, WE
was there, Split the Tsunami into 2 and saved Japan.
Since then, Japan called WE is Korizuu, Kor from coral,
izu from Mizu (means “water” in Japanese). With all those generous help, Korizuu is known to be a symbol of mercy and protection.


Jan 13, 2022
Hoomans tend to associate the furry creatures as "cute". I, Sphynix, dare to challenge such erroneous notion
LeuLeu :P
Jan 11, 2022
Please welcome Leuleu! The pioneer in bio-friendly space travels, starting with an entirely organic visor! Tee hee!
Dracodile Save His Own Skin
Jan 10, 2022
Once a successor to a long and prestigious lineage in the galaxy, now a runaway from my own planet.