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Agamand & Halendor
Raffle Entry

Agamand & Halendor



Form will stay in 8 hours. You can win up to 2 caps. Estimated delivery date: Dec 13th.

100% resin casting


Agamand: teal tone.

Halendor: Lava tone.


Raffle info:

  • This is our weekly event. There are 4 sculpts: Skudu, Goodoo, Amu & Raiju (from left to right on the Halendor family photo)
  • Each week, we will release 2 colorways for these 4 sculpts. 
  • 5-6 caps/colorway/sculpt.
  • Please enter number of cap that you want to win. And choose your priority accordingly in the form.

Entry rules:

  • If you win, you will get an invoice.
  • Invoice will start going to winners shortly after raffle is closed (2 hours). We will leave notification when all invocies out.
  • You have 8 hours to pay if you have invoice. After that, we will cancel all unpaid invoices. In case of need, pm us for a flexible window to pay
  • 1 Person/Entry
  • Any breach of entry rule will lead be permantly banned. If you win and decide to put your winnings for sale immediately, this will be your last Artkey sale. Please strictly follow our rules.

Remaining time:
Oopse, you are too late!