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Q&A about pieces of plastic is boring, let's do it again but with Artkey artists instead. First, let's find out more about the most famous artist and the most mysterious artist of Artkey: Daniel and Minh.


Voidwalker is our new release sculpt and also a part of our Space Series. If you are interested in the sculpt, this article is worth spending time on. If not, … it's worth too, you won’t know when you may need it. To know more about the sculpt, here are 5 facts about Voidwalker.
It was in 2709 when everything began. The first unidentified Meteor hit the Earth like the predictions of Gavan - the great seer; Earth was at its destruction edge. People started to find another place to immigrate, and space is the only choice. That’s how the new Space Travel Century opened.
Space Story - The 1st Episode
Welcome to the fantastic space story that is experienced and told by no one else but me - The adventurous archaeologist: Exmor.
Bull V2 - Fulfillment Sale - Why not?
As you may know, Bull V2 is one of Artkey's most popular sculpts at this moment. Just only 20 keycaps per week, it's hard for us to equal it with 700+ entries. Sometimes, winners continue to win, and the others continue adding a number to their L-streak. In summary, we only have 1 main motivation: Bulls for everyone!
Bull V2 - Fun Q&A
Hmmmm, so let’s start a fun Q&A with Artkey the Baddy.
Bull V2 - Fun Facts
It’s been five months since the first time we revealed the Bulls V2 sculpt. With the return of the very first sculpt of Artkey but at the next level, Bull V2 is quickly becoming popular among the community. Here are some facts you may find it cool to know
Artkey's very first mark: Bull
The Bull is back with new skins. But where does the original idea come from? The story behind our very first keycap will also tell you how Artkey was born. Let's dig in.